Maintenance and Engineering
Combi - 737 - CN - Oct 2014 (27)

KF has extensive modification design and certification experience and is the holder of hundreds of design approvals.

  • B737 Combi
  • B737/727 Avionics Modifications
  • B757/737/727 Interior Modifications
  • CV5800 Program (Fuselage lengthening)
  • CV580 Airtanker Program
  • CV580 Cargo Door Installation
  • CV580 Loads Monitoring Program
  • CV580 FAA Avionics Flying Testbed Program

KF Aerospace is offering a fully customizable ADS-B OUT solution for the B737 Classic series
aircraft under Canadian STC SA16-86 with FAA and EASA approvals expected in second quarter
of 2017.

Please see the attached document for more information:

B737 Classic ADS-B OUT Solution